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  1. 420Steve

    Lighting, seedlings and advice! All feedback is appreciated

    Hey guys 420Steve here, Quick question about lighting and lumens and if i got enough sufficient lighting, i am new to growing and hydroponics and i currently have 6 little seedlings growing under a 2ft 2-tube – 48 W (2 x 24W tubes) in a propagator, it has been almost 2 weeks and growth is very...
  2. 420Steve

    Hydroponic DWC Grow With 420Steve! - First Journal

    Hello fellow growers, first off i want to introduce my self and why i want to grow, my name is Steve and i have a condition called insomnia aswell as back pain, I struggle with our basic function to sleep and get comfortable, so i smoke to help me sleep and relieve the pain, now want to grow for...
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