1. C

    The leaves are curling down and the color is lime

    Hello. I am growing for the first time. I planted four pots 12 days ago and I expect these females to grow well. However, from the beginning of growth, they are curling down leaves, and from the sixth day the color is lime. Growth is also slow. Water was given 3 times every 4 days and...
  2. GreenmanQLD

    Auto Anesthesia - 240W Mars Hydro LED & 450W LED - Soil

    Hey everyone, I'm back for another grow :high-five: This grow is already a month in and I have had some fantastic results with the Mars Hydro Reflector series 48. I have just added an additional 450w of led power today for the final month of bloom. Please sub/comment & rate my journal, and...
  3. K

    450W LED grow light

    How many seedlings should I start under a 450w led grow light in a 32x32x64 grow tent hi guys I'm kinghuffin a very noon grower this is my first grow I need much help.
  4. Gazolene

    Gazolenes - 450W Chinese LED - Easyriders - Soil - 12/12

    After completing my first grow with CFL's I have decided to try out a 450w LED. My main focus will be on the 2 easyriders that have just sprouted. They were bought from Demon seeds. As I have only just installed the LED these are the only plants not to have been grown under the CFL...
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