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    One 4ft T5 plus four 4ft T8s light - Any benefit in having the single T5

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first time posting I bought a single 4ft T5 light with some special Sun blaster tube to veg my plants with but I found the volume of light ( if that's the right term) coming from it would be enough light after a few weeks of growth) the light was limited and...
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    First outdoor grow - Have a serious rodent problem - Help?

    Hello,I started two plants indoors and moved outdoors. my one is 4ft and I used a new fertilizer and the next day it's laying on the ground.
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    Light upgrade

    600 watt hps vs. 10 4ft t8s how much would my yield increase going from t8s to hps. currently getting almost an ounce a plant