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  1. C

    4th Grow - NYC Diesel - Purple Kush - Green Crack

    Hi All And welcome to my 4th grow! This is the first grow iv'e managed to completely kill off the dreaded 2 spotted mites so going for a nice long clean grow. Using 3x 600w HPS they are currently 4 and a bit weeks in to flower right now, and the ladies r looking lovely. Jump in and stick...
  2. D

    Yellow leaves

    Hi, this is my first grow. so any advice/tips are welcome. The reason for my post is the rapid yellowing of leaves. I know It's suppose to happen in flowering stage but in the last couple of days It seems to rapidly spread. I am on my 4th week into flowering. Strain: blackjack. Feeding...
  3. M

    What's the gender

    Hi Can anyone tell me if it is a male or a female? DWC 4th week of flowering 250w light 1200 ppm
  4. J

    Oldie but newbie!

    Aloha all! I have been looking for a good chat location forever. Hope I have found it here! So brief introduction---going by jannabanana, living on Big Island, HI. I am very new to growing (this my 4th year growing in HI and looking forward to both learning and sharing. Now on to learning how...
  5. Blazingdragon

    4th week of flowering

    Hi all. I'm a first time poster first time grower and would really appreciate some insight on my progress. I am coming into week five of flowering and my plants are at around 2 foot. They haven't stretched much at all since I've flipped the 12/12 switch. Now I suspect this is down to not...
  6. ShiggityFlip

    The Great July 4th Smok-a-thon of 2016!

    The 4/20 smokathon was so much fun let's do it again for the 4th of July! And Canada day on the 1st! Even those outside NA can celebrate. One big worldwide BBQ with hamburgers, hot dogs and hashish! So let's prep together and then smoke together and share worldwide peace and harmony (and get...
  7. P

    First Grow DWC

    Threw some 3 seeds in a wet towel ans ended up with one female. Currently in the 4th week of flower. Here's some pics of my journey.