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  1. C

    Would this be too much LED light for a 4x2x5 tent?

    I currently have 2 Mars Hydro96 LEDs in a 4x2x5 tent going lengthwise across the tent. I am thinking of adding a 3rd and turning the lights for better coverage, but is this too much wattage for this size tent? I want to maximize yields without overkill. Thanks
  2. Nismo12

    Nismo's First Grow - 2 x 600 Watt - CKS Purple Kush - 4x4

    Hello all! I'm excited to be here and doing this grow! I've done loads of reading so I feel I have a good understanding of whats going on, just need the experience and help from you guys! Grow area - 4x2x5 tent inside a 8x10 closet Light - 600 watt MH dimmable for veg and 600 watt HPS...