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4x4 grow tent

  1. r0am1ng st0ner

    Stoner's RDWC & Soil Grow With Mixed Strains

    **Pictures to come in 12-24 hours when I track down the camera** Phew well hey everyone been a long minute since I have posted on here, started qualifying year at my local university and things got super busy real fast. I got into the mechanical engineering department for second year after...
  2. P

    1st Grow New Here!

    Hello this is my first grow I saw these journals thought I better do it to get a good idea of how my grow is going. My seed broke out of a rapid rooter plug on 3/9/20 I transplanted into its current pot on the 10th. I have not been watering very much I have a pump sprayer I use until the top...
  3. IMG_20200301_174215.jpg


    Nice heavy cola of pink kush
  4. SmokeLake

    CriticalClones, DrCBD & CriticalPurpleKush In The Tent

    This Journal will follow 4 CriticalClones I received from a friend and at the same time Im part of a Seedsman Sponsored grow comparing DrSeedsman CBD 30:1 and Critical Purple Kush. Sadly due to the clones and my poor 4x4 not being big enough im only growing 1 each from Seedsman and the 4 clones...
  5. incogn1to

    Incogn1to's First Grow: Dark Devil, Gelato & Cheese Autos In Coco, 2019

    Hello and welcome to my first grow! It's been a while since I actively contributed to a forum, so bare with me. I'll be growing 3 plants Strains Dark Devil Auto - Sweet Seeds (Purple zip tie) Sweet Gelato Auto - Sweet Seeds (Green zip tie) Cheese - Canuk Seeds (Orange zip tie) Medium...
  6. The Noob

    The Noob's 1st Coco Grow

    Hello everyone this is my 6th grow but first time using coco coir. Hoping to see some good results with this medium. Pot size: using small pots for the start but final container will be 5 gallons. Medium: Coco coir and Perlite 60/40. Lights: 1 450w Led (205) true and 1 300w Led (130) true...
  7. P

    What Is The Best 4x4 Grow Tent For Hydroponic

    Hey guys, I want to start hydroponic gardening and that's why i need a 4x4 Grow Tent. But i am really confused which tent work well in hydroponic system. I need your suggestion and opinion about it.
  8. T

    Toad's Sticky Sundae Grow!

    Whats up everyone! I'm Toad, A Longtime 420magazine lurker that has finally decided to join the party. Here's what I have going on right now... What strain is it? Sticky Sundae (GG#4 x Sundae Driver) By Cannarado Genetics Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid Current Stage? 2nd week of...
  9. 8

    First Time Grow #1 White Widow Feminized

    Location : Alberta, Canada Strain : Crop King Seeds - White Widow - Feminized ( 60% Indica - 40% Sativa ) Set up : Gorilla Grow Tent 4 x 4 w/extension poles ( Inside 9ft x 9ft x 8ft Room ) Lights : California Lightworks Solar System 550 LED ( Used with Solar System Controller ) Exhaust ...
  10. Y

    1st grow in a 4x4

    Hey everybody I’m new to this & I just started my Grow. I got 6 regular seeds of sonic boom in party cups. They have all just sprouted. They are looking beautiful. I can’t wait to track my journal with you all.
  11. Butter Milk

    Butters’ Orgy Of Autos, 2019

    Hello to all!!! Hailing from the 44119, I have decided to start my second round of autoflowers. I have all 4 in Jiffy Pellets, dropped in on 1/26/19. I have them upstairs right now in a spare bedroom on a chair, I have a 3x3 tent on order for when things start to get real, my last grow was in...
  12. 5321A15B-035F-4905-9650-F9AE4490C278.jpeg


    Bomb seed shots
  13. 8C2FE1D3-38A3-4C80-9C31-FD9041039409.jpeg


    Bomb seed tent doing well again No pest to report going to flip any day just need to pull the trigger
  14. SmokeLake

    420’s 4x4 Soil 315cmh EarlyMiss Grow Journal 2018

    Hello this is my first legal grow in Canada. Im starting this journal to document progress and pick up tips and tricks. CKS Early Miss Auto Flower 5pk Peat pucks ( do not use for autos) ProMix HPCC in 3 Gal Root Pouchs 315cmh ballast running 4200k veg and 3100k for flower. 4x4x6 Mammoth Tent 4”...
  15. 47F945E0-0BE5-44D0-BD71-25B0916CA1FE.jpeg


    Training and time sure does make it look pretty
  16. BBD7D73A-CB51-4490-AC4B-31D79D36BD18.jpeg


    Thc bomb day 66 veg
  17. Veedubgrow

    Maxbloom x4 plus Red Dwarf auto grow

    Coming up on the last few weeks of the red dwarf autoflower grow using the Maxbloom x4plus led. I must say i am happy with the overall outcome with how the strain grew under this light the nuggs are smelling sweet af and sticky to the touch. Looking forward the the sticky dense buds that are...
  18. 615F916B-1000-4F27-812E-EE79FC570AB6.jpeg


    Cherry bomb by bomb seeds just decided to put it in cup tonight tap is curling wierdly . See what’s happens hope she makes it through . Let us pray !
  19. AB4A64BD-2CF2-4EB1-B5FB-41FD37A9B39E.jpeg


    Quick few shots week six veg almost seven thc bomb and widow bomb coming along now pots are gettting heavier to lift these days I’ve noticed why? More roots ? Let us hope it’s thriving in there shall we . Temps bit high then I like have turned on outtake fan tonight will monitor rh which has...
  20. 62838AE7-3203-4E77-9B4B-A98DB72D26F6.jpeg


    One day old in towel purple monkey ball regs . Courtesy much love and shout out to @bobrown14 for this chance brotha. Very excited praying for one mutant .
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