1. 20211210_120654.jpg


    Outside of tent insulation attempt #1
  2. Birthdaycake kush

    Birthdaycake kush

    Week7 of flower for this plant that was revegged
  3. irie lion

    Irie's Grow Show

    Hey 420 members! :ciao: Iv'e had some good fun growing indoors with DIY setups and iv'e finally bought myself a 1.2 x 2.4m (4x8) tent. It's improved my growing environment quite a bit and i'm looking forward to having some more space to work with. I'll be using this thread to mostly journal my...
  4. C

    Abandoned New 4x8 Flower Room!

    New 4x8 flower room installed vegging plants a little more while I wait for carbon filter will be updating as I go! 2 Green Crack, a NYC Diesel and a Purple Kush :Namaste:
  5. J

    Abandoned 4x8 - 2000W - Grow

    'M growing 3 blueberry kush, 5 super lemon haze; and afghan kush. My plants are filling up the 4x4 grow space with a 1000w lights. They are in 3 gal smart for a little over two weeks. I'm thinking of using the other light to get 2 lb but I'm going to switch to flower in about a week in the same...
  6. B

    4x8 600w RDWC tent

    back in the days of overgrow,, i built a 250w scrog cabinet and had great results with it,, but always wanted to "go bigger"... welp,, long story short,, the cabinet was stolen from storage and i did the apartment life for awhile.. now im back with this monstrosity :thumb: equipment used...
  7. D

    Completed First Scrog

    Not sure what I really got going on in here yet this is my first time doing a scrog set-up but I'll take input on it I'm starting this after 2 months veg set up is 8Lx4Wx6.5H two 1k hps an 8 t5's 48" 4 uv-a 2 460nm 2 420nm strain is 3 cheezydick ferts have been Aurora innovations Master pack...
  8. ClanCannabis

    Completed Clan Cannabis' 4x8 RDWC Grow Tent

    Hi Everyone, I started a grow tent and go through most of the details the the videos that I'm going to post but the basics are as follows: I have a 4x8 tent. Eight grow site buckets and a 40 gal res. An air pump for all the buckets and the res. There are (2)400w mh bulbs in the tent at the...
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