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  1. FelipeBlu

    FelipeBlu's Auto Jack & Kryptonite, PSMini LED, Root Pouch, Recipe 420

    Howdy Fellow Growers, This is my second indoor grow. The first was last fall and was a single plant (erroneously identified as an Auto Blueberry - ask me if you’re interested) under CFLs. That grow yielded 29g (dry). I have a cheap Chinese 2x2x4 tent in the garage, and have just ordered a...
  2. P

    PP Bagseed Outdoor Grow Journal - 2018

    Bucket Size - 2Litre Medium - normal garden fertilizer 50% garden soil 50% Lights - The Sun Nutrients - Food Stix (supermarket plant food) Strain(s) - Bagseed of 2 different lovely outdoor strains # of Plants: 6 Yield : still in veg Age: just over 2 months. The pics below are how the plants...
  3. B

    Viking Power

    Hey I grow in a tent that is 120cmx120cm200cm and it's light source is a 600w hps in a cooldtube but I am going to upgrade with another hps lamp with 400w inn a few days humidity is about 45% and the temperature is around 24 Celsius. The lights are on 24/0 The plants are now growing in 11 l...
  4. S

    Watering in air pruning pots

    Hi I am growing in some 10L air pruning pots, this is my first time with these pots and I have noticed that when watering I am getting 50% run off, is it normal for water to come out the holes around the side, not all of them but quite a few. I did expect this to happen obviously as their a...
  5. netstatmen

    Back With A New Grow - G13 Labs Purple Haze & Barney's Farm Blue Cheese

    hello this journal will be my time frame reference for my grow. they will be potted in soilless mix 50% perlite / 50% COCO will be using CANNA nutes as i already have them from previous grows lightning that will be used: LED Aug-01-2016- Planted seeds in starting cube
  6. Z

    Help identifying problem with plant

    This plant is in about week 2 of flowering with no added nutrients except for compost tea. It developed a strange almost zebra striped pattern of dead tissue on about 10 of the mature leaves on one side of the plant. I cant identify what the problem is. I sprayed part of the stem with a 50%...
  7. 7

    Humidity question?

    Jorge Cervantes book says the ideal humidity should be 60 to 70% in the vegetative state. My humidity seems to stay around 40 to 50%. Do I need to get a humidifier to raise it 60%? I see YouTube videos where people have their humidity around 40 to 50% in the vegetative state. I just want to know...
  8. H

    Heisenberg "Aero" Forest - 540W LED

    Hi guys i'm new here, i'm italian folloewr and i would to share my experience (in progress) Strains: 2 Chrystal M.E.T.H. - Destroyer (Cannabiogen), crossed with Critical Mass (Bilbo) - Dr. Underground 1 Critical 2.0 - Critical + x Resistant Critical + feno...
  9. B

    Help please 1st grow

    I would like to start by saying if this post, is not in the right spot. Sorry let me know and will move. (My first post long time listener, first time caller.) I don't know what is wrong with my plants. I use a advanced LED lights xml 650 and a 5x5 gorilla grow tent. Use technaflora at 50% and...
  10. P

    How are my new babies doing?

    Hey guys just seeing how you think my new babies are doing nearly 2 weeks old only 1 600 watt hps on at the moment 5 gallon fabric pots 50% plain soil 50% miracle grow big bud xxxl and critical mass monster the leaves are coming along nicely but they aren't growing upwards ?? Think I slightly...
  11. P

    Nute burn problems?

    Hey guys so my new plants are nearly 2 weeks old and are really starting to grow they have all ready grown there 4th set of leaves but are still really short only 4 inches ish nice and green problem I have is that I have them in 5 gallon fabric pots with 50% store soil and 50% miracle grow under...
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