1. L

    Outdoors newborn from bag seed

    found a couple bag seeds,threw 1 in the ground and it germinated! 1st outdoor grow. Hope it grows female. we will see...
  2. rct420

    Abandoned 5x5x7 1000W First Grow: 4 Feminized Seeds, Week 2

    Underneath 240w 5000k shop light right now . This is my first grow . And first journal so let's see how it goes . STARTED APRIL 28TH , 2017 IPower 1000w HPS Bulb , Cooltube, and Digital Ballast . ONLY FOR FLOWER 240w 5000k Shop Light . ONLY FOR VEG IPower 8" Inline Fan 765cfm...
  3. I

    Completed Shaggys First Time Growing

    Currently 9 days old 5000k led 18/6
  4. G

    LED linear high bay lights

    I have access to very high output LED light fixtures for commercial applications. High bays and street lights.They come in the standard "kelvin" colours. 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 5000k and 6000k, I am considering using a 5000k,240 watt fixture that produces about 28800 lumens for my 2x4x4 grow box...
  5. S

    One high wattage CFL's or several lower wattage CFL's?

    So Ive read and read about everyone talking about how many CFL bulbs they are using in their grow. Now its time to start my own, and I am coming to realize that the cost for one high wattage CFL is lower than the bill for multiple bulbs. So, here is my question, Which is better for a grow of...
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