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    My first grow setup

    Hi guys, I am a new grower and planted my seeds yesterday. I am using cocopeat,vermicompost,vermiculite in 1 : 1 : 1 ratio as my soil mix. I mixed them thoroughly and filled 2 5 gallon and wet it.I planted 2 dinafem feminised OG kush seeds ( 1 in each pot) directly without any prior germination...
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    whats a good distance for my lights to be when plants are seedlings lights are 300w led says 20 to 30 inches and a 300 ufo have 4 5gallon with autos thank you for the help everyone
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    5Gallon DWC - Fire Alien Urkel - Does this look normal to you?

    Hello Masters and Mistresses of all things Hydro! This is my first post so please be kind - I'll try to adhere to the format asked for in the "sticky". First the details: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Strain is it? Fire Alien...