5th week flower

  1. P

    Moby Dick's 5th week of flower

    Hey there, My girls are Moby Dicks of Dinafem and they are 35 days into flowering, 5 weeks are over. It is said that the flowering time is 60-70 days. Aren't they supposed to be swelled up by now? I'm a little worried. Any help will be much appreciated. I think they should not be this...
  2. immer

    Blackberry strain harvest

    Hi guys, This is my second grow and I'm near harvest time. The strain is Blacberry. Even though she's a sativa dominant, she grew like a bomb, and she's in 4 weeks flowering. Doing beautiful. A really happy girl. The method I used was 12/12 from seed, and I leaved her go on her own wild way...
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