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5x5 grow tent

  1. H

    Wally - First Grow - LED - Black Jack x 2 Pure Power Plant x 2 - 5x5 Tent - Coco

    5x5 Vivosun Tent 4 Mars Hydro 300w 6 inch Vivosun fan and Carbon Filter Cutting Edge Solutions Nutrient Line Micro - 5ml/Gal Grow - 10ml/Gal Bloom - 5ml/Gal (Veg Phase) 10ml/Gal (Transition) 15ml/Gal(Bloom) Uncle John's Blend 10ml/Ga Bulletproof - 1ml/Gal Sugaree up to 15ml/Gal(Bloom)...
  2. Zogrowsgreen

    Zo's First Grow 5x5 - AK48 - Northern Lights - Aurora Indica - Nirvana Seeds - 2016

    Hello All, Welcome to my first Grow. Thanks for viewing and feel free to leave feedback along with tips and help with mistakes i may make along the way, Im here to learn and spread love. What strain is it? 1 plant Ak48 / 1 plant Aurora Indica / 1 plant Northern Lights - Nirvana Seeds...
  3. A

    Diamond Series XML 650 - Purple OG - Moonshine Ghost Train - Blue God - 9Pound Hammer

    What's goin on everybody. I'm starting a new grow in a 5x5 Gorilla Grow Tent,with a DS Xml 650. Inside i have four 5 gallon containers, two of my ladies are in there 2 weeks of veg, the other two are still on week one. Also got a 6 inch hyperfan, along with a cool mist humidifier. Bear with me...