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  1. C

    First Time Doing Photos: 4 x Bruce Banner #3 Under Mars-Hydro FC-E6500!

    Hello everyone. I wanted to start a grow diary for my first photo grow as i figured i could greatly benefit from feedback and all of your experience here. I got 4 Bruce Banner #3 set up in 5 gallon auto pot smart pots containing 50/50 coco and clay pebbles in a 5x5 tent running a Mars-Hydro...
  2. hydro91

    62 w/sft LED lighting too much?

    Dear 420 forums, Prior to my first grow with LED's I've decided to change up my lighting solution. I have a 5x5 tent and was hoping on fitting 4x Mars II 900 LED's to it. I'm being told by the LED supplier that this is a little too much lighting for my tent and the 4 plants that'll be going...
  3. hydro91

    LED solution recommendation to suit 5x5 grow tent

    Dear 420 magazine, Looking to get the most out of the plants that'll be going inside my 5x5 grow tent but I'm stuck on how many LED's I should place within the grow tent. I have a relatively decent background in growing but with this new LED light technology I thought I'd give a try there's...
  4. odinsmaster

    Odin Grows LSD-25 & Gorilla Glue

    This will be my 5th grow. I will be growing 2 Fast buds Lsd-25 autos, and 2 Fast buds Gorilla Glue. This will be my 3rd grow in this room, the last grow was a disaster so changing a few things on this one. Every grow i have done i have fried the plants pretty good, but still had good outcomes...
  5. HigherTheHigh

    5x5 tent - 4 plants - 1000W HPS - Heat questions

    Hello all i hope everyone is happy and healthy. It will be my first time using a 1000w hps in a 5x5 tent, what are the heat issues like? I will be running a 6" 600mm filter or maby run another incase the temps rise. I was thinking of running a panabolic shade but id like oppinions on...
  6. HigherTheHigh

    5x5 tent, 4 plants, veg time?

    Hello everyone i hope we are all in fit health. So lets get down to it, im getting a 5x5 tent and will be running a 1000w hps under a panabolic shade. Going to run 4 plants, im thinking 20L pots or should i go for bigger? How long should i veg for? i was thinking 6-8 weeks, trained but...
  7. T

    SunPlusUSA Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

    Grow with the Sun 11/23/2017 www.sunplususa.com Click Here to Purchase This is a 5x5 space P6 COB Only P6 5w...
  8. R

    Best light for 5x5 tent

    I have a few runs under my belt but want to upgrade my grow area. I want to get a 5x5 tent but I am not sure what light to get. I think the 630 lec is a beautiful fixture and have seen it get good results - might be worth the investment what do you think? Anyother suggestions? Thanks!
  9. TripleBeam

    Journeying Into The Unknown With High Brix

    What strain is it? Unknown. We will find out soon enough. Ya, I know it's not as cool as the awesome known strain grows out there, but is it really all about the genetics? Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Most likely indica or indica hybrid. Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Vegetative state. At...
  10. Phenoman

    Phenominawesome Family First Grow Tries Aurora Indica, AK48's - 1KW MH/HPS - 5x5 Tent

    5/17/17 Entry #0 - The Setup: This is my wife and I's first grow, I will try to outline the differences between care of the plants when they happen. Quickly before I go into equipment, we totally rushed this part and I will never ever rush again as it's become a nightmare of purchasing items...
  11. steppedinds

    Step's Closet & 5x5

    I just got my 5x5 1000w Hortilux HPS tent setup and running to add to my closet. I'm now at the end of day 2. The closet is 2x6 with a Mars II 1200 and two Mars 300. Both grow spaces are Ebb & Flow design. 6" rockwool cubes are planted into 50L of hydroton in 21gal mixing mortar trays...
  12. O

    Epistar 320 vs Cree 256

    Which would be more suitable for a 5x5 tent? Would 4x400w mars hydro be a better option?
  13. coralman

    Veg time under weaker lights

    Hi just so you can understand my question better il give you a quick insight into my set up, i currently have a 1000w 5x5 tent for growing but have purchased a small veg tent with 150w cfl for vegging so i can have a perpetual grow and use the 1000w 5x5 as flower room. So my question will the...
  14. coralman

    Critical Kush - Coco - 1000W - 5x5

    This is my first serious indoor grow so will need help as i go along so thanks in advance to the people subbed.... 5x5 Roof cube 1000w dual spec with dimmable ballast cool tube rhino 6inch fan and filter Growin Critical Kush from barneys farm 5 gallon pots Coco Fox farm trio with advanced cal...
  15. S

    SCROG - Snowcap - 5x5 Tent

    5x5 grow lab 1000watt hps 6" inline fan exhaust 5 gal pots with roots 707 soil 9 SNOWCAP clones Started journal a little late but hope everyone enjoys, i am on day 23 of veg now:welcome: Plan to let the net fill out a bit more and then flip to flower. I am always...
  16. C

    5x5 - LED - Hydro - First Grow

    Strain? 2 x Kosher Kush (Reserva Privada)
2 x 707 Truthband (Humboldt Seed Organization) Veg or Flower stage? Early veg I think. 18/6. The seeds popped on April 3rd and 4th, it’s April 14th. Indoor or outdoor? Indoor, 5x5 tent. Soil or Hydro? Using 4 x 5 Gallon Root Spa buckets. Size of...
  17. T

    1000w 5x5 tent set up help

    I have a 5x5x7 grow tent with a 1000w xxxl cool hood hid light. 2-6" inline fans for cool hood and tent cooling 1-8" vortex fan for charcoal air scrubber. Where I'm stuck is yeild. I want to make sure I get the best yeilds possible. Should I go with many small autos (10-20) or 5 large...
  18. S

    Scrog Gods Gift 5x5 - 2016

    5x5 grow lab 1000hps Advanced nutrients 9 clones Roots 707 soil Gods Gift ( gdp x og kush)
  19. ViceCity

    First time gorilla grow 5x5 2000w need to know if I have everything I need?

    This is my first blog and grow so go easy and only leave comments if you want 2b helpful I at the very least 365 days a year spend 20 on a g of loud. So that's around 7,000 a lil bit more so why the fuck shalt I not do this. I have a list and can I get some feedback on thing I still need...
  20. Q

    5x5 T5 1000w Soil Grow - Purple Caper Seeds - 5 Strains

    Hey guys this is my third journal and I have a bit of experience under my belt but i am always willing to get better, so constructive criticism is more than welcome. PURPLE CAPER SEEDS I received this batch of seeds from Natural Herbal Pain Relief in San Jose, Ca and decided to go with PCS...
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