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  1. Q

    60 Day Wonder Help

    I germinated my 60 Day Wonders (x3) on 12/28/2015. One of the seeds didn't pop so that left me with two. Of the two that did one is growing great while the other is struggling getting past seedling. Is the runt able to be saved? Since these seeds are genetic mutants is the germination rate...
  2. Weed Farmer

    Hydro - Auto Flowering 60 Day Wonder by DNA Genetics

    I got impatient waiting for my first mother plants to grow from seeds in my current first grow 420 Magazine ® that I decided to buy some auto flowering seeds boasting a full flowering cycle from seed to bud in 60 days which would be in approximately the same amount of time when my very first...
  3. V

    First Time Grower! Advice Appreciated

    Hello All My Brothers! I am a first time grower and will be putting up a detailed and complete journal of my progress with photos and status updates for all to view and comment on. I have just transplanted 12 60 day wonder auto flower strains from cups to the 3 gallon grow bags. I am...
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