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600 watt mh hps

  1. Ink20a

    First Legal Grow: Pink Kush

    Hi everyone here is my first grow journal, will be growing Pink Kush and a few Gorilla Glue #4. Set up: 2 Veg Room 8" Fan in each room 1 wall fan in each room humidifier in each room 18 Hours of light room temp as of today 23°C humidity 55% Lights 600watt MH- w/ digital ballast - Veg (4 in...
  2. JustJus

    First Grow With LSD Fem

    Started my first grow Dec 5th and was wondering if my plants look good. Any advice would help me out tremendously! Started germination by placing seeds in a clean shot glass full of water. They sprouted 3 days later. Place seeds in seperate 3 gallon containers with nutiant rich soil. They are...
  3. MrSauga

    Sauga's Ride On The Pineapple Express

    Hi everyone, and welcome to my second Journal here at :420: This time around we are going with FastBuds Auto Pineapple Express. I have four beans on the go. Two will be planted in Promix HP and using the AN nute line. The other two will be in an organic potting mix, with MegaCrop and Kelp...
  4. S

    My First Grow! Northern Lights Autoflower From CKS

    Hey all. This is my first grow! I'm really excited for this new challenge. I hope you come along for the ride. Comments and feedback would be so greatly appreciated! It's seems like its taken forever to gather all the necessities. But here's what I've done so far: Firstly, I purchased...
  5. J

    JBoozer's 1st Grow - Nirvava AK48 - Top Feed Capn Style - 600 Watt HID

    Hey Folks, I'm a new member here and just started my first grow! Here are the details: What strain is it? Nirvana AK48 Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Indica/Sativa Mix Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 5 days If in Flower stage... For how long...
  6. M

    First Serious Grow

    Hello, This will be my first serious grow ever. At first I had a small tent with two test plants to see if some 10 year old seeds would work. Short story is they didn't. I then purchased some more and got them growing. What now follows is the clones from that test. The setup is as...
  7. ChillWill

    1st Grow - THC Bomb

    Hello fellow connoisseurs:Namaste:. Long time smoker... first time grower! I am just starting out. 04-25-13 I have the Virtual Sun 48 x 48 x 78 on order now. I will buy a 600w MH/HPS lamp kit next week.
  8. M

    2nd Soil Grow: White Widow x Creeper Cross 600 Watt

    This is my 2nd Legal Medical Marijuana Grow. This time I started from white widow x creeper cross bag seeds which I planted September 2010. These are the two best females from the batch. They both have different phenotypes. Plant A has been very bushy from the start. Plant B has filled in, but...
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