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  1. wanabegrower

    Organic Soil: P Express, Skywalker, Granddaddy Blueberry, W Russian, Green Crack

    What strains: White Russian, Skywalker, Pineapple Express,Granddaddy Blueberry(purple berry), and last (Green Crack X Tragic) all in seedling stage this is how I got there 24hr soaking in cup of water on 4/22/2017 then into wet paper towels in ziplock sandwich baggies 4/23/2017 after...
  2. C

    2nd Grow Blueberry Pineapple Express - Drip/DWC

    hey guys its chazzle. Currently I'm finishing my Banana Kush/Aurora grow but i thought I'd give you guys a look at my recently started 2nd grow. Blueberry pineapple express. As of right now I've had the plants for about 2 weeks. they started as 5 inch clones and are about 9 inches now here's...
  3. breathingkush

    BK's Blue Dream - Dream Queen and C - Afgani Shed

    Hello all, thanks for taking a few moments to see what I am doing. First things first a little about me. I am a 28 yearold native of Seattle, but now I reside in CA with wonderful partner in crime my beautiful redheaded girlfriend manda (non smoker by the way.) I work in medicine, as a nurse...
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