600 watt

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    Sativa hybrid
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    Sativa hybrid
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    Sativa hybrid week 5 flowering
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    Sativa hybrid last day of week 4 of the flowering period
  5. A

    Aurora Indica - My First Grow

    I got bored and decided to throw this up so everyone can see how my first grow is going. First off a little info on the strain I'm growing: STRAIN: Aurora Indica THC CONTENT %: Up to 22% CBD %: Up to 0.1% INDICA / SATIVA %: 90% / 10% INDOOR YIELD: 10 to...
  6. J

    Jeced's Coco - Perlite Hempy Bucket - Critical Cheese Grow 2017

    Hi all, This is my third batch. I started growing earlier this year. I'm new to 420 an looking forward to making new friends and helping out where I can. This journal will document my Critical Cheese grow. This is my favorite strain!! Exciting times!! Here's what I'm working with...
  7. LiveAndLetGro

    LiveAndLetGro's 1st Time DWC LED Bagseedx4 Grow - 2017

    Hello! First I would like to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge and wisdom. Because of folks like you, people like me are able to feel confident about getting started in what can seem like a very daunting venture. Okay so first attempt at a grow journal, lets see how this goes...I am...
  8. S

    First Indoor Grow - GG#4 & Green Crack 4x8 Grow Tent 1200 Watts

    Greetings 420Magazine forum members!!! This will be the journal of my first indoor grow. I have seen numerous grows from start to finish over many years, have been working in the medical marijuana industry in southern California for the last 7+ years and finally decided to try my hand at...
  9. S

    Switching to LED'S question

    I am thinking of switching from 600 watt HPS and switching to thousand watt LEDs to cut back on my hydro consumption has anyone had any success with using LEDS and if so what brands are good to use?
  10. S

    Newbie in need of help

    sure if I should run a 400 watt system or 600. My only issue is venting the 600. I don't want to ruin my extra bedroom by cutting a hole for ventilation. Also I'm in search of a good reliable seed source. I'm looking for northern lights and white widow. I have a seed from some green crack that...
  11. G

    GL's 600 Watt - 3x3 - SuperLH - GSC - Pak Valley - LMNKSH - DeliCady - OG Kush - Grow

    Whats up ladies and gents, first time user part time grower here. I have been lurking and learning a lot and I thought it was finally time to show my ladies at their best:) The setup is as follows... 1.) 3x3 tent 2.) 600 Watt hps 3.) Six plants: - Green House Seeds: Super Lemon Haze...
  12. S

    Help please is this plant a hermaphrodite

    Plant is 25 days into flowering. The strain is killawatt found some seeds in bud i got but know strain is killawatt because guy i vought the bud from is friends with grower. There are 3 plants in soil mix made with 2 types of organic potting mixx perlite and vermiculite under a 600 watt hps...
  13. Nismo12

    Nismo's First Grow - 2 x 600 Watt - CKS Purple Kush - 4x4

    Hello all! I'm excited to be here and doing this grow! I've done loads of reading so I feel I have a good understanding of whats going on, just need the experience and help from you guys! Grow area - 4x2x5 tent inside a 8x10 closet Light - 600 watt MH dimmable for veg and 600 watt HPS...
  14. S

    Shaggn's 600W Hempy - Crop King - White Cookies & Purple Kush

    Finally get to start my first journal on 420!! I will be running Crop King - White Cookies(10 Fem) to start and add in a couple packs of their Purple Kush later on. I will update regularly and plan to put on a good show for everyone. Info on my set-up and gear to follow shortly. Peace!!
  15. C

    ChillAH's 1st BB X White Widow & Royal Queen Critical Grow

    Wuts up Folks, I'm new to this endeavor and growing in general. I have read the HOW TO Thread day in and day out for the past month and there is still much I need to learn. I got my seeds from Herbie's. Now on to my grow. What strain is it? Big Bud crossed with White Widow, RQS Critical...
  16. C

    First Grow - Advice Welcome

    What's up 420MAG! Super excited about my first official grow and even more excited to share it with everyone and hope that it brings as much information and answers as possible. I just put 12 girls (clones) under the light yesterday and things are going so so. I'm going to share with...
  17. SEGreenThumb

    Doopler's First Time Grow - Northern Lights x Big Bud - SSSDH

    Hello all! I have actually already started this grow a few weeks ago, seeds are now at 2 weeks. I'm gonna go back and post all of the photos I have so far leading up to this point so it is a more complete journal. My main aim in starting this journal is, of course, to get the help from you...
  18. elibrium

    Getting Scroggy - 600 Watt 4 Plant Modular Mixed Freebie Super Soil Grow

    Hey guys I'm back! Upgrading my 2x4 set up a bit so I can turn my 600 all the way up got a separate fan for my filter setup so my cooltube has it's own dedicated 6inch now. Here's what I got going on and my plans for this run. Some freebies from attitudes last birthday promo I need to...
  19. MKrop420

    600W 3x3 Phantom Cookies Ebb N Flow

    :420::helpsmilie::yummy: Hey everyone, this is my first time grow. Just finished building my set up and transplanting the clones. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Here are my specs: Strain: Phantom Cookies (GDP/ Cherry Pie) 6 plants 600 Watt/ Air Cooled Ebb N Flow 3x3 Tent 2x3 Tray...
  20. L

    White Fire & Skywalker 600 Watt LED Grow - First Time Grower

    Hello all! This is my first grow EVER! Never done this before and wanted to try my hand at it since I am Medical Card holder in California. I use marijuana for depression and back pain from a sports injury. Anyways, I was interested in the low power consumption that LED are known for. As far as...