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  1. K

    hello guys n girls

    Hey all, im knuckles1, i live in london, uk and have been growing my own herbs for over 14 years give or take!! Im lookinforward to starting a little diary and shareing my ups n downs with you all!! Peace
  2. elibrium

    Elibrium's Indoor vs Outdoor Strain Comparison Heavy Lst Grow

    The strains I will be growing are berry ryder, purple cheese, and trans siberian from auto seeds. Himalayan blue deisel from short stuff. And blim burns version of the ak auto. I will be comparing all of these indoor growth vs outdoor taste growth and what not. All except the ak47...
  3. T

    12 weeks veg. First grow, any suggestions?

    So this is my first grow. Before I started this grow I read up pretty heavily about growing for the first time and know your basic shit about growing but I dont have that Veteran Knowledge that some of guys have. So I need your help/tips. This is what I got: -4ftx6ftx8ft grow box that a...
  4. T

    First Grow - New Member

    Hello, I'm pretty new here on the site and also to growing but have been around the culture of marijuana for several years now. Anyways this is my first journal, feel free to leave any feedback as all suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! Here we have the following: -7 plants -6-7 weeks...
  5. B

    First Grow and Boy Am I Excited

    :welcome: I look forward to being able to provide my own regulated medicine soon. I have learned a lot in the past several months browsing through all the useful and helpful info on the web about growing. I am slowly acquiring my equipment as the funds are available to me (I have bills dammit...