1. Budworker.2

    Completed BudWorker.2, Coco, 600 HPS

    Hi guys, New to here and to growing. Personal use :) . I will follow Cultivator's how to grow in coco feed program. I've got all the nutes line up. This is my first grow at the moment I'm having problems with what I think is stretching. I've watered them 150ml of 1ec ph 5.8 each day. I will get...
  2. BulletTooth

    Completed Auto Experiment! Experienced Help Needed

    Info first Soil -FFOF/FFHF 50/50 Ph- 6.3 Nutes-Fox farm Pots: 5gallon fabric Strain: CKS EARLY MISS Lights: 600watt LED (290tw) full spectrum+IR Tent-2x2x4 First day up and green-3/5/2017 Temps-78°F day-72°F night Humidity-55-65% Ok now the fun. I've been growing and lurking for a...
  3. C

    Abandoned ClosetCase420's - RDWC - 600W MH/HPS - AK47 - Grow Journal - 2016

    The strain is Feminized AK48 from Nirvana. I started on 4/12 by germinating 2 seeds. I germinated the seeds by... First letting them submerse themselves in a cup of water. Next I kept the seeds between two moist paper towels in between two plates for 2 days. On day 2 I moved the...
  4. Groovy Bud

    Abandoned The Meticulous Grow - DWC - 4x4 - 400W/600W MH/HPS - 4 Ladies - 2 Strains

    Greetings once again 420 In the last month, I've written a "Planning Phase" post that was not much of an interesting read due to lack of pictures, and with only theory issues being dealt with. There have also been some delays with some material at the local grow shop, forcing me to have...
  5. Groovy Bud

    Completed 1st Meticulous Grow - DWC - Hydro - 4x4 Tent - 600W MH/HPS - 4 Ladies

    Greetings, 420 community :420: Let me start by presenting myself as a 1st time ambitious grower as I'll be jumping directly into the hydroponic ways. I believe that, along with greater studying motivation and with enough information filtering, a person can take off fairly elevated and take it...
  6. HashAssassin

    Completed Half a LB a Month in an Aeroponic Tent

    Well that is the goal and realistically I will probably end up with more!:cheer2: Strains: MTF, MK-Ultra, Bush Widow, Afgooey, and Flo (Blue Pheno) Lights for Veg: 1) 3' 2 lamp T5 and 2) 2' 1 lamp T5HO Lights for Flower: 1 600W HPS Medium: Aero/NFT with 3.75" net cups for veg and...
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