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600w hps

  1. JamesBong502

    James Bong Returns With DWC

    Hey 420Mag, I have returned to my 4x4 tent after a little hiatus to get some business squared away. I am growing 2 x Fem Big Buds from Nirvana, 1 in coco-Perl (70-30) other in 5 gallon DWC bucket. Coco plant will be my mother plant a while, DWC will be flipped to flower after 4-5 week veg and...
  2. WalterGamer8

    Leggy seedlings can't hold themselves up

    these are pics of my 2 seedlings. Im really scared. It took me 3 months of germinating seeds to finally get a sprout. At first when they sprouting they were fine, but they became leggy to the point they cant even hold themself up. What should I do???? Originally they were under a led light and...
  3. mcren

    MCren's Indoor Organic Grow

    hi everybody , ive been on 420mag for a while but didnt register , so first thread. please apologize my poor english , tryin to do my best. second grow for me but this time tried to document as much as i can at first for my self knowledge and tracking , but then decided to share, any comment...
  4. GlaucomaMeds

    First Proper Grow Attempt - DWC Vs Soil Testing

    Ok well here goes nothing, my attempt at my first grow and my first journal, I'm already part way into the grow but better late than never. Ive been lurking on the forum for a while now, decided its time to get on here myself and see what I can do. I have every intention of keeping up to date...
  5. J

    Any help gladly accepted!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to all this. It feels abit like the old bill (police) are going to kick my door down lol. I'm on my 2nd grow. well my first was autos. Iv got a small tent 2x2x4 with ten Dream machine with a 600w hps. one week in any help/advice would be kindly accepted.:thumb::420::thanks:
  6. Cdogg

    New grower new member currently scrogging Shining Silver Haze

    Hey guys check out my grow journal in my signature 6 x shining silver haze 300w cfl/600w MH/ 600w hps I'm in week three of flower and all is looking gooood :thumb: I've already had some help getting used to the site and am really happy and grateful I picked :420: Peace
  7. B

    How are they lookin for day 32 since switched to 12/12?

    2 are in 4-5gallon pots and 2 of them are in one and a half gallon pots ...switched lights to 12/12 on 2-15 so today was day 32..not 32 days since they showed flowers.. How do they look for being under a 600w hps?
  8. B

    How does she look? 3 weeks flower - 600w HPS - Yield guess

    Started 12/12 on 2-15 Got 4 bagseeds under a 600w hps and 23w 6500k cfl for side light.. All were LST'd and topped and supercropped. She only stands about 10-14inches above dirt but very nice dense bud development..any Yield guestimates??
  9. B

    What can a 600W HPS do?

    With a veg time of over a month can a 600 watt HPS support 5 plants?
  10. B

    Assist a newbie with growing some Bombay!

    Hey there, I'm new to this website and I just recently started a grow log not that long ago and if yall could help with tips and motivate me with good compliments (if they are well deserved haha) I recently purchased a 600 watt dimmable ballast kit and nuts and everything else needed. Hope to...
  11. B

    First Time Grow Log

    Someone please reply how to post pictures on my grow log!!!! Start off by saying i have my own house and have a nice bedroom with tile floor to grow in.. Its 8ft ceilings and its a pretty damn nice sized room its 14ft by 15ft and it only has a small block glass window so no worries about...
  12. H

    Henry's Indoor - Soil - Northern Lights - Kali Dawg - Silver Haze - Skunk XL

    Hi 420, time for my 2nd grow and glad to have you along for the ride. Ill be using the same set-up as in my 1st grow. Just to refresh that is; - Black Orchid grow tent (80x80x160)cm - Pro gear 600w ballast - Sunlux 600w HPS bulb - Spectralight 125w cfl (6500k) - Bio Bizz Light mix soil...
  13. Scarfinger68

    Scarfinger68 - Aurora Indica - Soil - 600W Dimmable HPS - Indoor Closet Grow

    Intro: Switching from CFL to HPS for the first time. I will be growing for the first time with HPS. I have a small odd shaped closet that has heat issues to begin with. But, 600w HPS seemed like the best bang for the buck. Also, I can dim it down 75% or 50% depending on heat or light stress...
  14. H

    Little Help? Advice or words of wisdom from experinced growers.

    Alright guys this is my first grow ever. I have done a tremendous amount of journal/ blog reading for the past few months. Don't want to get caught in small details to start my first journal so I suppose ill get right into it. Set-Up: 2x4x7 Grow Tent. 600w HPS Light with a wing reflector. As...
  15. Soup 01

    5 x Auto - Anesthesia - Coco - 600W

    Hi all, thought i would start a grow journal, been using the site for ages for reference and reading through people grow's for inspiration etc. Anyway im on my 3rd proper grow, and my first time growing Auto's. Seems to be going well so far, im 3 weeks into the cycle as of today so have allot of...
  16. J

    word indoor growing stoners!

    I'm new to this whole indoor growing thing but would like to share my vision on a small build I have and see what advice is out there. I'm thinking about setting up 2 - 600w hps in a vertical manner with 4 - 3 gallon buckets at each quadrant around the light. The space I have available is...
  17. M

    DWC 1500W Multi Strain Grow

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my up and coming grow! I am new to the website and I'd like to give you guys an idea of where I'm coming from. 2 years ago a young man put some Marijuana seeds in some Miracle-grow and put a few cheap CFL's on around it. 3 days after germinating the seeds I had a...
  18. P

    Prof. Green First Indoor Grow

    This is my first grow. If you have any suggestions after looking at my pics that would be cool! There are 5 LOJ (light of jah) Plants growing in super soil w/ my own secret mix. I also set up a sick auto watering system. Check out the pics!... I also have taken a picture of the grow everyday...
  19. noydb07

    Northern Lights - Fem - 600W HPS - First SCROG

    Hey 420 mag users! I am sort of new at this whole post a grow thing so bear with me. Ive been using this site and a few others lately to find any and ALL answers I need. However with any new grower, I will need a little direction or hopefully just a plain pat on the back lol Soil-50%MG Organic...
  20. K

    Dinafem Critical + Dinefem White Widow

    Hello all skunk growers, Here am starting from seed from dinafem I've choosed critical+ and white widow I'm growing in 15litre pots. Here the stuff I'll be using for my grow, 1.5m square grow tent 400w mh for veg and 600w sunmaster dual spetrum for flower 5" cool tube 4" Ruck fan for intake...
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