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    Sativa hybrid
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    Sativa hybrid
  3. Tris420

    Which lamp should I get for my tent?

    Hey 420 Friends, At the moment I´m growing my plants under 2x Mars Hydro 96x5Watt in a 80cmx80cmx160cm Tent ( 2.6ft x 2.6ft x 5.2ft ). But now i kinda want to switch things up... I want to test a HPS Lamp, to see if I can get better results. I´m not sure if I should get a 400Watt or...
  4. F

    Advice about lighting

    hi everyone. i have northern lights growing. all around the same size. when should i put them in the tent under 600watt hps? any advice would be great
  5. B

    New DWC grow

    hi all new to the forum. starting a rdwc 600watt tent grow. pic to follow. germinating now.
  6. P

    New Auto Grower

    Hi All, just a guy from down under here. Growing several Auto's and looking to discuss the plants and grow, exchange pics ect. This is my third time around growing and I think I'm really starting to get the hang of it. I grow in a tent, using LED lighting. 1x 600watt and 2x 300watt. Will be...
  7. G

    LED Question

    Hello. I am pretty new to growing & have a chance to purchase a used Marshydro light for $350. It is a 600watt light. Is this a good purchase?