1. Under the artificial sun!

    Under the artificial sun!

    My T5HO 2,000 lumens 6500k HD lamp, with reflector on an upside down 15" diagonal tray (to keep it off the ground)
  2. J

    5 days into flower, how long for sex to show?

    Hey guys im 5 days into flowering after vegging for 5 weeks, im using unknown bagseed which i can tell most are sativa dominant. I used 6500k cfl to veg and now for flower im using 2700k cfl bulbs with a few 6500k peppered in... So far i can only tell 2 of 8 are female for sure and 1 looks...
  3. P

    6500K 3K Lumen Fluorescent vs 6500K 2.3K Lumen LED. Which is the better choice?

    I plan on growing lettuce/kale hydroponically. I know this forum is geared towards weed, but I figured since weed also has a vegetation process, that someone might be able to give some insight on the below. ----- Was curious what you all think might be sufficient for my purpose. I'm also looking...
  4. S

    Blue Cheese Auto day 20 but she is only 2 inches - Help!

    ım using 100w cfl 6500k and 1 fan this is my grow box help meeeee
  5. I

    12/12 From Seed - CFL - Low Budget Grow

    Bagseed ' from some Og' looks to be indica dominant FFOF soil and nutes "grow big and tiger bloom ' in 2gallon pot 4 100w eqvlnt 6500k and 3 150w eqvlnt 2500k 12/12 light cycle from seed PH 6.2 Temps between 80- 87
  6. S

    6500K or 2700K for Auto Flower or both?

    My question is concerning CFL's used for Auto flower. I know the Auto flower light schedule 20/4, 24/0 hrs etc. but since these are auto flower do I have to change the bulbs when flowering? First time Auto grower. Usually I would use 23 watt CFL 1600 Lumens, 6500K for Veg and 2700K for...
  7. S

    I need your help with this lighting!

    Okay so im torn between either going to 2 t5s 6500k 75 watts for my 2 plants or going to 2 150watt 6500k cfls for my 2 plants?? which is better and also what should i use for the flowering stage!? they are currently under 2 60 watt cfls and they dont seem to be growing that fast.
  8. xave420

    Is 15,000 lumens of 6500k enought to grow a plant?

    was wondering if it was enough light , I have a setup of cfls I have 2 45watt 6500k cfl, 2 23 watt 6500k and 2 33 watt 6400k and equals to be around 15,000 lumens.
  9. EventHorizon

    Abandoned 2 Unknown Bag Seed - Sea Soil - CFL - Tent Grow

    I'm growing the plants in a 32x32x63 Quictent I got off ebay for about $140. My lighting setup. 1x 125w 6500k/2700k 1x 100w 6500k 1x 26w 5000k 1x 50w 4500k 2x 26w 6500k 1x 24w 6400K T5HO Before I was using Schultz and Miracle Grow and people on here kept complaining about my soil.. so I...
  10. J

    Possible to have too much light?

    Hi All, May sound like a dumb question but I have read that 3000 lumen/sq ft is optimal and above that, CO2 is required. So I first wanted to find out if this is true, and also to find out if 5600 lumen/sqft is too much. I have a 7.5sqft space with about 42,400 lumen in multiple...
  11. S

    One high wattage CFL's or several lower wattage CFL's?

    So Ive read and read about everyone talking about how many CFL bulbs they are using in their grow. Now its time to start my own, and I am coming to realize that the cost for one high wattage CFL is lower than the bill for multiple bulbs. So, here is my question, Which is better for a grow of...
  12. E

    Help with lighting and Grow room setup

    Hey there, I'm getting ready to start my first grow (Woot!) and I had a couple of questions about lighting. I have been having a HELLA huge trouble finding a good lighting setup. Originally I was going to use CFLs and grow in my closet but when I couldn't find any 6500k cfls I decided to move...
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