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    420 Green Crack - B-52 - Girl Scout Cookies - Indoor Grow

    Clones 3x Green Crack Stativa 3x B-52 Indica 1x Girl Scout Cookies Hybrid (OG Kush& Durban Poison ) Tent 4x4x8 feet soil Happy Frog 1000Watt MH/HPS in veg now so MH 10 Gallon nursary pots 6in XtraSun by hydrofarm reflector 2x 6in inline fans by hydrofarm 430 cfm 6in Lockdown...
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    Gillettfusions Indoor Flower Garden - GG #4 - Fire OG - 2016

    Ok thought I would start a journal for my flower garden now. I am currently 14 days in. We have 6x Gorilla Glue #4 and 6x Fire OG. They all are in 3 gallon nursery pots in a mix of happy frog and coco coir. The equipment being used is: 4x4 Mars Hydro grow tent 6in Thunder Sunmax air cooled...