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    RDWC first try - Beautiful results!

    This is my first time with RDWC and it's so lush and quick to grow. This is under 212 watts of cfls 5 inches away. Using calmag 8ml, gh bloom 10ml, gh micro 6ml, and liquid koolbloom 8ml. 1150 ppm and 5.7ph, 65f res temp. 85f cab temp. Whatcha guys think? This was LST'd to the max, but I...
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    Help needed - Problem child

    Hows everyone today, I have a pineapple express that has a upper leaf problem that I could use some help with. Bio thrive nutes, 6ml calmag, 6ml bloom, and 3ml bio bud, ph at 5.8 morning feeding and 5.65-5.7 evening feeding, temps 82-83 lights on, 69-70 lights off, humidity 35-45%, Grown in...