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    Question on Mainlining

    Good Morning Fellow 420ers. I am wondering if it matters if you wait to for the plant to grow to the 6th node when you mainline? Can you just top to the 2nd and let those 2 branches grow out to be your mainline? The only reasoning I see from waiting to get to the 6th node is to let the stalk...
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    Is it a male?

    Hi, Can anybody help me sex my plant? Is it indicates, in the pic below, that it is a she or a he (6th week)?
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    Nirvana AK48

    Hii everyone! Im on my first grow of AK48, I vegged em for 4 weeks and tried my best to keep em short! Using cfl bulbs of total 350 watts all together, i flipped the lights to 12/12 and noticed two very tiny white hair poking out of the calyx on the top nodes on the 6th day, Its been 3 days...
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    Never seen this when only 12 inches - What can it be?

    This Clone is in it's 6th week and what is it trying to do at this early stage? Is this a Pre-mature Boy at 12 inches and if it is, how can this be?