1. odinsmaster

    Completed Odin Grows LSD-25 & Gorilla Glue

    This will be my 5th grow. I will be growing 2 Fast buds Lsd-25 autos, and 2 Fast buds Gorilla Glue. This will be my 3rd grow in this room, the last grow was a disaster so changing a few things on this one. Every grow i have done i have fried the plants pretty good, but still had good outcomes...
  2. T

    Brand new DWC - 6x6 tent - Need advice

    Merry Christmas! It seems that Santa thought I was great this year and brought me a new 6x6 tent to go along with the huge assortment of lights, fans, timers and other equipment. My dilemma is that I am having trouble figuring out the best use of my equipment. I have currently: 2x4x5 tent...
  3. M

    Completed HSO Trainwreck - 45-50L 100% Perlite Hempy - 600W

    Hi everyone, I had to share this plant to show off both the strain and the 100% Perlite Hempy bucket. I cannot sing their praise highly enough. I should say 99% Perlite. There is a layer of volcanic rock on the surface so I can water it without the water flow digging holes in the perlite and...
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