1. 8-bit q-tip holder.jpg

    8-bit q-tip holder.jpg

    3D printed and spray painted in Portland, Oregon. Holds appx. 50 q-tips
  2. Lungbutterorbs

    Snap and pull almost white!

    Last nightpicked up some concentrates and my first thought was wow where Are the terps! Got home tried it out and it tastes almost like rubber or plastic. I'm pretty sure its bho and it usually comes from good source so i was wondering if anyone can explain how or why it would be this color and...
  3. Pure 710

    New to 420 forum

    Hey everybody, I wanted to introduce myself as i just joined 420 magazine. My names Rob and my handle here is Pure 710. I really enjoy getting involved in some of these forums, especially like 420 magazine here as there information is always spot on. Im also an advad blogger as writing has...
  4. Aqua Lab Tech

    710 Sale - 20% OFF Instore And Online

    Make sure to take advantage of our biggest sale ever. Our Annual 710 Sale is 20% Off Instore and Online. Ends July 13th at 11:59pm. If you are in Southern California make sure to stop by our store located at: 215 Jason Ct. Corona, CA 92879 Tel: (951) 683-4940 Happy 710!!! Aqua...
  5. Aqua Lab Tech

    Happy 710 everybody!

    Happy 710 everybody!!! Aqua lab tech
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