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  1. G

    Grumbledore's 800W Hydro Cheese Scrog Grow

    So this is my current photo grow. These are 3 weeks since the seeds were planted. They weren't particularly well looked after immediately after germinating. I focus on getting the environment and nutes right but i know not everything is optimal. I'm content with not having the perfect...
  2. DukeMonroe

    1st Grow Journal - 2nd Grow - 11 Super Skunk Clones with 2 X 400W in Coco

    Hey everyone, this is my first grow journal and only my second grow so please be clement. So this is what I have for this grow: - 11 clones of Super Skunk - Growing medium: Coco - Fertilizers: BioBizz (the entire line of their products) - A 1 squared meter box (roughly 10 squared feet)...
  3. Scungemonkey

    1st Grow - 2x Sour-Diesel & Super-Silver-Haze - Soil with LST & 2x 400w HPS

    Hello everyone this is my first post, I joined because I've recently started learning about growing and the knowledge here is phenomenal. This is my first proper grow from seed.. I took over a friends autoflowers grow before with cfl's in the flowering stage and became fascinated with the...
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