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  1. M

    Early Vixen Crop King Seeds

    Strain seeds from Crop King Seed, free sample of 5 Hybrid plant, 4ft tall in a small pot. Topped it once and it didn't slow down This is more of a review of my first time growing skills, not professional. Here is my take on the dried buds and effects (not going in depth on this): Taste -...
  2. W

    Amnesia Haze EU

  3. PurpleGunRack

    White Widow - Dinafem

    White Widow from Dinafem Smell: Skunky (7/10) Taste: Classic skunky, taste earthy and kinda like a basement in a medieval castle or cathedral( in a good way). Reminds me of skunk from the late 90's (8/10) Effect: Leaves you absolutely s**tfaced with...
  4. PurpleGunRack

    Hash Bomb

    Hash Bomb from Bomb Seeds I recently grew 4 Hash Bombs and found 3 more or less different phenotypes, they will be reviewed individually. Phenotype # 1, Plant # 1 - Dense and frosted Phenotype # 2, Plant # 2 - Small, but crazy dense nugs Phenotype # 3, Plant # 3 - Fluffy and...
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