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  1. Emilya

    Emmie's Berry D'licious 2019 True Living Organic: No AACT, SCROG, COB, SuperSoil Production Grow & Seed Run

    I will be growing out a special gift that came just for me from @santero, the well known German breeder, called Berry D-licious ... a cross between Shishkaberry x Sour Diesel. Thanks San! From Leafly: Shishkaberry, or “Kish,” is an indica-dominant hybrid that came about from crossing DJ Short...
  2. L

    Smog ridden beauties - A question regarding cleaning plants while still growing

    Hi all. We've been having a really heavy smog problem. The smog isn't the type you'd find in LA. The smog is probably mainly fine dust. It's the third or fourth day. It's very heavy. Like a heavy fog all day (can barely see the sun or the hills around my house). I assume it's full of all...
  3. L

    Can ACT be raising the risk for people with low immunity?

    Hey all. My first started thread and my first aerated compost tea :circle-of-love: I'm working with what I've been able to find to make the tea. (hopefully) Well made compost (I chose not to use store bought products at all). A 5 liter food grade container (hopefully clean). The...
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