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  1. TJTrouble

    TJ's First Grow - LED - Strawberry Cough

    This is my first grow; thanks a ton for following along and offering your guidance along the way! I will do my best to keep this journal active and up to date on a weekly basis as I track the progress of the grow from seed to harvest. Type of grow: Single plant Materials & Setup (links...
  2. dauzer

    Help with Advanced Nutrients

    Hey, I'm looking at purchasing some nutes from the Advanced Nutrients line. I was following a thread about which ones to use but there are so many additives. I'm going with the Sensi Grow A/B and Bloom A/B for the base nutes but i cant work out which additives to use. What i have come...
  3. StupidNoob

    AN vs Flora - Opinions?

    First of all, sorry if this has been asked before. I don't mean to beat a dead horse, you know. I ask because they(GH) also included nutrients (didn't realize they were going to do that) in with the dwc bucket I bought. I currently use AN's Sensi Grow A/B w/ good results. I was hoping to get...
  4. T

    Discolored & Droopy Leaves

    Hey guys! I need some help diagnosing a problem. Over the last few days two of my girls (HSOs Green Crack & Lost Coast Hashplant) have started to become slightly more pale and just noticed today that the leaves have begun to droop a bit. They're 2 days shy of being in the rDWC setup for 2...