1. WizHigh

    Abnormal Unique Leaf Growth!?

    I have a plant strain unknown, it has been above ground for a week tomorow. Only a inch a half, I already has its 4th strue leaves and also branches are strting to grow inbetween the 3rd and 4th branch. The really interesting thing is that the 1st set of true leaves has 3 blades and then the 3rd...
  2. WizHigh

    New growth is white, is this normal? Help

    I have a problem, the new growth that is coming in at the canopy is white. Its showing enough to see that each leaf will have 6 blades. Recent problem was nute burn/lights where to close. At the time I was using 11 CFLs 23w=100 each bulb was 1600 lumens so that's 17600 lumens total. I flushed it...
  3. 1seaweed1

    Mutant clones rooting from upper nodes i have pics now!

    there are 2 nodes in the cube, but the first 4 nodes above the cube are sprouting roots and sending them down to the rockwool!!! I have many more pis of a dozen of my clones all doing this too. some in much clearer pics also. has anyone encountered anything like this?
  4. 1seaweed1

    sorry no help in cloning section:Clones sprouting roots from upper nodes growing down

    Great Grow Gods, I have Clones sprouting roots from upper nodes growing down to cubes! There are a dozen in a NGW grow tray and dome. I have a heating pad under it and these are the directions I was told... After cloning at least 2 nodes in the cube and a few over, remove plastic from...
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