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  1. Teddy Edwards

    Questions & Answers - Fake Email Addresses

    Does it matter which of my email accounts I use? We only ask that whichever of your email accounts you register, it's one that you access and use regularly. Old and unaccessed or closed email accounts can cause us considerable problems. This is from our Posting Guidelines: Please register a...
  2. K

    AK: Fairbanks Banks Cautious As Marijuana Industry Unfolds

    Fairbanks - Alaska USA Federal Credit Union has restricted 10 personal accounts linked to people starting a marijuana-related business, a spokeswoman for the financial institution confirmed. It's a preemptive strike meant to prevent scrutiny from the federal government as the marijuana...
  3. R

    Oregon: Some Credit Unions Quietly Extend Services To Pot Biz

    Salem, Ore. - Securing something as simple as a checking account in the legal cannabis business can be nearly impossible. That's because banks are wary that federal agencies will slap them with money-laundering charges — despite assurances to the contrary. Pot business owners across Oregon...