1. Curly Beaver

    AC/DC available in Michigan?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find AC/DC clones, preferably in Northern Michigan? I'm not finding anything. :thanks:
  2. jefe noche

    AC/DC The Real Deal 20:1 CBD To THC Clone Only, Jefe's Cut

    Jefe's Cut AC/DC Here they are!!!! Ready for hydro or soil. Spring is also around the corner.
  3. Xbones

    Completed Xbones Super-Grow Adventure - Veg For Juicing & Flowering For Everything!

    Hello everyone! Told you I would be back and dang it im back with Platinum LED's! lol Sadly a few years ago when I started my first grow I had to shut down shortly after I started and return to Oklahoma to help family with my mom that ended up having Dementia. I hope to get her out here to...
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