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  1. OlderGrower

    Anyone familiar with a strain called ACDC?

    Hello I am trying to track down a supplier of seeds or clones of a strain called ACDC. If anyone knows anything about where I can get my hands on either seeds or a clone please PM me Thanks
  2. jefe noche

    AC/DC The Real Deal 20:1 CBD To THC Clone Only, Jefe's Cut

    Jefe's Cut AC/DC Here they are!!!! Ready for hydro or soil. Spring is also around the corner.
  3. M

    Hi, I'm koa's mom

    Hi, I'm koa's mom. He's a great little guy. Ten years old, but about two developmentally. He has myoclonic astatic epilepsy, or Doose syndrome. Two months ago we started trying cannabis to treat his seizures. Currently using the strain Harlequin, it is not the right balance of cbd/THC. We...
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