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  1. Zamaldelica


  2. neikodog

    Neikodog's High Brix Sativas

    Welcome everyone to my 3rd journal. I've been out of the journal game for a bit and figured after the gangs trip to Jamaica I would start a new one. The Setup: 2 4x4 gorilla grow tents for flower. Lighting: All LED all unsponsered for flower. T-5 and unsponsered Veg LED for Veg. Soil: Doc...
  3. lazyfish

    Malawi Gold

    Malawi Gold from Ace seeds; day 40 of flower. Only about 24 inches tall. :Love:
  4. F

    Fopho's 2nd Grow - Ace of Spades - Da Purps & Platinum Blue Dream

    Veg or Flower- 2nd week of flower Medium- Happy Frog & Ocean forest 50/50 mix Lights- 1000w eye hortilux super hps Ballast- 1000w Quantum Series switchable power settings 50,75,100% Hood- 8" air cooled xxl by C.A.P Exhaust- 8" max can fan Bucket size- 3gal. Strains- Ace of Spades, Da...