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  1. S

    Amber Alert

    So you have worked hard for 8 weeks! You have invested money into equipment and possibly genetics; you have invested time and dedication to get to this point. How can you tell when it's time to harvest your gooey girls? Well 'fire one up' and let's take a look at the best way to be sure you're...
  2. coralman

    Powder Citric Acid pH Down

    Has anyone used powdered citric acid for an organic ph down, its a lot cheaper than the organic ph down in hydro shop which is basically the same thing. Basically im after some sort of ratios of acid to water to make a solution i can slowly add to my water. thank you
  3. Bas1m

    1st time grow: Week 6 flowering stage, strain is Acid

    Hey guys My 1st post :) This is my first time growing cannabis and im currently on week 6 of flowering stage The strain is called acid Flowering time is 9 weeks but i feel 8 would be perfect , what do you guys think ?
  4. S

    Fulvic acid?

    hi all just heard of fulvic acid and how it can benefit your crops has anybody used this and could give me some guidance on when to use it? how much to use? Thanks:thumb:
  5. F

    PH adjustment

    Is it safe to adjust PH using sulfuric acid?
  6. Desertrat60

    Can I use water that has been pH lowered with food grade Phosphoric acid?

    Our well water is nearly a 9 on the scale so I bought a qt. of food grade phosphoric acid . I'm unsure if I can use this stuff to water my babies . Steve
  7. R

    PH Down - Nitric, Phosphoric, Sulfuric or Citric acid

    After some reading these seem like the ph down options? Ive been using nutrifield ph down which i think is nitric acid, it seems i have a nitrogen sensitive strain and is it possible the ph down is another thing contributing to excess nitrogen ? Does anyone know which ph down uses phosphoric...
  8. Lazarus13

    Beneficial bacteria assistance

    I put this question in the DWC section of these forums. It has a lot of views but no answers yet so i figured i would try it here as there seems to be a lot of traffic in faqs. I have a 12 gallon top-fed dwc system currently with 2 seedlings getting ready to enter the 1st week of veg. Rez...
  9. N

    In need of urgent advice - Acidic Soil/Sphagnum Questions

    Hi folks! I really nead som help. I made my own soil-mix with perlite, vermicukilite, klay and unfourtuneally "peat ore sphagnum. Why I say unfourtuneally is that I use to much of it. Mayby 40% - 45%. For 2 days now, my new plantet have slowed down and I could'nt figer out the problem...
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