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  1. H

    My PH test strips from Precision Labs Inc. Cottonwood AZ

    I tested Jiffy organic seed starting mix- slightly acidic. My tap water-same. My own spit- the same.....Fox Farms potting mix-the same, slightly acidic....Heinz apple cider vinegar-strongly acidic.... To start seeds don't you want a neutral condition?.......Incidentally, this Fox Farms was...
  2. ZenWarrior

    pH & Alkalinity?

    What is pH? pH is a logarithmic scale which measures of the acidity or basicity of a solution. Specifically, pH is the measure of the weight of hydrogen ions (H+) within a solution. What is the pH scale? pH is measured on a scale ranging 0 — 14, with 0 being the most acidic (example...
  3. I

    Brown Coloring on Seedlings - Please Help!

    Hey guys, i have two new Southern Shiva seedlings about 2 weeks old. I lost my old plant (seedling) bout 3 weeks old. One day i found it and it had some brown coloring on it, i thought it was nothing, i came home the day and the whole plant was dead :/ just really dont want to fuck these ones...
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