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  1. G

    Pink Mango

    Hi - interested in pink mango (Brazil). Any insights into how one might come across this variety? Looking for seeds. E.g. Breeders. Thanks G
  2. GrizzWald

    Reliable CBD test for home use

    Just come across this on another forum.. not sure if it works but be good for some if it does.. By thecleangame DIY 8 Minute Home CBD Indicator Test! (Clear and Accurate Results!) thecleangame (58) in cbd - 3 days ago Simple, Reliable, and Quick! This test uses materials you can usually...
  3. BraicaBrick

    Skywalker Kush & Company - Soil - LED

    :420:What's up 420 Family! :welcome: Re-Vamped and Ready. We're coming up on flower and I wanted to make sure Everybody could watch my back moving forward. Growing together across land and sea- I love it. First round with these strains, We'll see how good I'm not. First thing's last.. These...
  4. T

    Advice on LEDs - Opinions & Expertise Wanted

    Im thinking of switching from HPs to LED lighting and would love some advice on which LEDs i should purchase AND HOW MANY for my 48x24x60 grow tent
  5. A

    Canadian LP'S experience

    Let's hear from legal medical users! I'm with aurora and have had a couple orders now and am generally pleased all around. Quality is there, delivery is next day. $8/g across the board. I'd like to see it cheaper but can't complain too much.
  6. 4

    Hi brothers and sisters

    Hi people, I'm a beginner grower on his 3rd indoor grow, I was looking for information on why, this time my plants look real unhealthy when I stumbled across this forum. Hope to meet some new people sharing same interests Thank you for reading