1. juz420

    Ionic Silver, Colloidal Silver: is it the same?

    hey guys, I want to try some colloidal silver treatment for some fem seeds, my friend gave me some ionic silver 16-20ppm which supposed to be the equivalent to 50-60 PPM Colloidal silver, does anyone know if this will work? The Info on the bottle reads:- "Colloidal Silver manufactured...
  2. E

    Looking for Fatman

    Genetic engineer/ biochemist looking for Fatman7574. Is he still active anywhere? -Eskander
  3. S

    Question about RSO

    What is my THC% if 3grams of Total Weight(RSO)= 1,440mg of active ingredients???!
  4. TheFertilizer

    Fan choice: Active Air versus Apollo

    I can get an Active Air (Hydrofarm) fan or an Apollo one with a controller built in, for pretty much the same price. Is the Hydrofarm stuff better than Apollo in terms of lifespan or anything?
  5. GreenH0rn

    Refilling a Carbon filter with new activated carbon

    Hello everyone I have a question. Is it possible to refill a carbon filter bought form a store with new active carbon or do i have to buy a whole new carbon filter?
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