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  1. Smeegol

    The Jerky Box Project: OG Kush & Haze 2.0

    Good Morning all @:420: . I'm a Saffa all my life, lived in Vergennes,V.T. at a summer resort on Lake Champlain for bout 5 years and ski resorts during the winter, loved my time there, the sights, the places, the people I met OH WOW, but V.T. stole my heart cause of Autum colors. Been a hectic...
  2. T

    Brand new - Working on my first actual grow

    I have so many questions and my friends are no help so I want to get better advice. My first actual grow. I don't see an option to upload pictures on here. Just created account. Can anyone help so I could get the plants on here for critique?
  3. BR greendoc

    Is this a good LED for my 2x2x5 tent?

    Hello everybody! Im new to the LED world. After some research I realized that I should have at least 40 actual watts per sq ft, but the best would be around 50. Is it right ? Therefore, for my 4 sq ft tent I should have a led that delivers 160 - 200 actual watts... I am a budget grower from...
  4. purpcaper

    First Post - LED For Grow Tent

    Hello, Everyone I am new here and am needing some help. Trying to keep this as simple as possible. To general agreement I am looking for 1000w for my 5 x 5 Can someone please god clear this up for me. Do I need a led light advertised as 1000w Or Do I need one with actual 1000w pull...
  5. I

    IHaze's Crop King Auto Mix In Soil 2017 New Years Grow

    Haven't grown weed for 17 years but decided to give it another go. I am a fruit/vegetable grower. Genetics: 10 pack of random crop king autoflower mix pack. Sprouted 6 seeds right after Christmas 2016 and started new years day 2017. 1/1/17 is day one with 6 little plants poped up and first...
  6. B

    My Second Grow

    Hi everyone I started my second grow. Hope all goes well. Any input and tips will be helpful. Here's my setup. Strain: 2 fast 2 vast Breeder: Heavyweight Seeds Harvest: 60 to 80 days Yield: High THC: 18% to 20% Height: 40 inches Parents: Fast and Vast and Northern Lights Grow Space...
  7. D

    DesertGrower's Continual Journal

    Hi all, This is going to be my first journal. I'm currently finishing off 8 white Rhyno plants and also starting 6- strawberry blond & 10 Mango Skunk My set up will be constantly evolving as this is my 1st and 2nd grow so I have a lot of expanding and learning to do. Flower Room Set...
  8. V

    400W COB - Actual 250W & 300W LED - Actual 105W

    Just wanted to share an overview pic of my babies, sure, a 1000W HID would do better, but so would an equivalent LED. 6 plants under it, 5 autos, and as you can see a very indica dominant in the middle which is a regular fem plant just starting to get its buds. 3 weeks...
  9. B

    Apollo Horticulture GLK400GW19 400 Watt HPS - Anybody have?

    I'm thinking about getting this off amazon to improve the flowering stage of my plant. It is big and healthy with lots of buds all over but they are small and airy, not filling out. I don't think it is getting enough light. I'm using a 300w LED (I think it is only 130w actual output) and 6 100w...