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    How much do bees actually gather from outdoor cannabis plants. And if they do has anyone actually tried there honey for taste?
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    Pot or Palm?

    I know there is something wrong with their growth, but I am starting to think that they are actually miniature Palm trees ?? Exhale !!!
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    Finally here!

    Have been lurking for years lol. I finally got around to actually joining. Whats up everyone!
  4. N

    Putting on a fan

    ive had a problem here with humidity and i think its because ive had a fan on them from like day 2 or so and i think its stressed them a lot.. i dont know but im actually hoping thats the problem. they sprouted about 2 weeks ago or so.. my humidity is like it actually got to 29 today normally...
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    Last week of flower

    What does keeping her in the dark for a few days before harvest actually do for it ?