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  1. Z

    Aeroponic newbie

    Hi guys. This will be my first post on my diy Aeroponic system. Please I am looking for a lot of help on nutrients and microbiology in the Aero system. What nutrient and additives are recommend for aero. Can microbes be added to res. Will add some pics of my system so long.my grow room is still...
  2. Ron Strider

    Illinois Family Says Hemp Oil Has Medical Benefits After Son Becomes Seizure-Free

    Modern medicine is changing our lives. Some believe natural is still the way to go. Illinois lawmakers are talking about legalizing production for hemp, a form of marijuana. A Centralia couple swears hemp oil is keeping their toddler seizure-free. Meet Kiana and Aaron Algire their son Silas...
  3. dieselskunk

    PH keeps going down no new nutes or water

    Ok I have a 20 gallon RDWC system with expanded clay for media using tap water. It has been running for 3 weeks. The original nutes were dyna-gro and hydroguard and my ppm was around 800 with tap water. About 1 week ago I flushed the system because the ph was 4.5 and I had nute lock out, pale...
  4. B

    1st grow White Widow CKS

    Will try to add photos 6th day of flowering, some leaves yellowing. Read forums and believe maybe I haven't enough N. I added bloom nutes on 1st day of 12/12. Using potting soil with added MG orchid food. Using 600w HPS for flowering. Had 6 weeks of veg at 600w. Plants had different looks...
  5. P

    Stopped growing

    Problems with buds and lighting ,I'm in week 5 of flower ,I have 8 plants in ,I had them under 2 450's less. Added a 600 led and they stop budding up ward after stretch,should I remove a light?or what and witch one?
  6. Advocate420

    Week 2 - Mob, AK, Sweet Tooth - Winter Indoor 2017 Journal 1

    Opening a thread to start a grow journal. With some convincing I may stay with T5 for flowering. I havnt locked down a decision as I have a 1000w/600w adjustable MH/HPS collecting dust. This is my second grow ever. I am a mmmj patient growing for self only. Space: Mylar hand made "tent"...
  7. G

    Emergency! I need help! Dying plants!

    Hello. I have hydro 4 bucket system. Last night i had to replace one of my buckets. So i drained all the water take plants in emyty another buckets and fix my system. While fixing i had some issues and roots stay out of water about 2 hours then i add some water in empty buckets while i feel my...
  8. LEDBud

    Remo Nutrients - BubbleGum ChocoCandy - Sterile RDWC

    Hello members and viewers alike although I have experience this will be the first time using dwc / rdwc. I'm looking forward to the growth rates and end result , can hardly wait for some pure well flushed hydro bud. If I don't reach 12oz a plant I will try a Live tank next time and see how it...
  9. Mistercpp

    When are new MMJ States added to the list?

    I just noticed that a State or two is missing from the Legal Medical States (Ohio for one). When are these States added to the list?:peace2:
  10. H

    Topping & Fimming

    When fimming rather than allowing the plant to grow naturally, how much time is added to the overal grow time? I have quite a tight schedule for my grows, a week added will mean I'll run over. Thanks in advance
  11. L

    Newbie First Grow - Outdoors - Bag Seeds

    What strain is it? bag seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? no idea yet Is it in Veg or Flower stage? veg? If in Veg... For how long? 6/15/2016 Indoor or outdoor? outdoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? locally potting soil mix...added blood meal...
  12. P

    A little help please!

    Need a little help. Noticed yesterday that my clone was over watered. Now my leaves are curling upward and turning black/dark green. This is my first grow since early 2000s. Strain: OG Kush clone, roughly 4 weeks old. Media: 50/50 of happy frog and ocean forest with perlite added. Nute: Fox...
  13. B

    Plant deficiency - Please help

    hi , im in rockwool my plants are 1 month old and they have 2-3 sets of true leaves i noticed what i think it is a iron/cal/mag deficiency so i bought some epsom salts and calcium carbonate i have a foliar spray to which i added 30 ml dutch master liquid light +30 ml penetrator + 1tsp epsom salt...
  14. S

    Should I pH my Tiger Bloom nute water in FFOF soil?

    1 gallon pots in a SOG setup, they've been vegged for 5 weeks and are starting week 4 of flowering. I am using fox farm ocean forest with about 20% perlite added, and just started using FF Tiger bloom. I started adding 1/4 strength (1/2 tsp) per gallon of water, I did that twice with a normal...
  15. A

    Sign of heat issues from light or not enough light?

    Hi, My girls are showing signs of browning/purpling? Could this be an issue with my lighting? The plants are 2.5 weeks old after popping from the soil. Originally I had them under a 54W T5 single bulb light, but they were growing so slowly that I added 2x23W 6500K CFL and 2x40W 5500K CFLs...
  16. gudyul

    Mars Hydro - Cookies Kush

    Hello folks I am starting a journal here! Cookies Kush started from seed Recirculating Deep Water Cultivation 20 gallon tub with 20 gallon res. small submersible pump, air stones. GH grow , Cal Mag, Silica lights are Mars ll 1200 18/6 Week 3 humidity dropped to 16% and...
  17. Reddog1981

    Reddog1981 - First Time - Northern Lights - Grow

    Strain c.k. Northern lights auto 70% ind. 20%sativa 10% rud. Soil/media About 40%pro mix BX with 20% maybe 30% added perlite as well as 30%-40% added peat moss Also a small amount of dolomite lime at the rate of 1 tsp to be safe but no more then 1tbs per...
  18. H

    Herbies - New Promos Added - December 2015

    We have lots of offers on at Herbies, these are a few we have just added.. You can see the full list of promos at ! Free Seeds - Herbies Seeds
  19. Wreckedsummer

    Can't seem to fix this

    Hey guys. Been having trouble with this one, if you could spare a second for some input, I'd be forever in your debt. It's on the oldest leaves at the top. Feeding was: Water water feed. With nutes not designed for cannabis but were working well. PH was swung between 6.3 and 7 She is...
  20. W

    Heavyweight Seeds Fruit Punch

    fruitpunch in a 10 gallon smart pot. nutes are earth juice 5 part with maxicrop, Alaskan fish 511, fulvic and humic acids, molasses. soil is promix mixed half and half with happyfrog and added castings, lime, Epson salt,bone and blood meal. toped once and lst