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  1. D

    First Week Of My First Grow - Need Some Additional Advice

    Today completes week one of my first auto-flower grow, was wondering about a few things and was looking for additional advice. If the PH in my water is between 6.0-6.8 do I need to check the soil PH also, Also my AK-47 is striving under my grow light, but my Amnesia Haze seems to be stunted...
  2. Ron Strider

    CO: Citizens For Safer Neighborhoods Wants Retail Marijuana In The Springs

    There's a new group in town that's serious about bringing retail pot shops to Colorado Springs. Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods describes itself as "a group of dedicated Colorado Springs business professionals committed to enhancing safety and the economic vitality of Colorado Springs through...
  3. K

    AR: Proposal For Additional Marijuana "Privilege" Tax

    Rep. Doug House, who's handling medical marijuana legislation, introduced a bill for an additional tax on marijuana sales today. The law already provided for assessment of the customary sales taxes on marijuana sales. House's bill would add a 4 percent special privilege tax on the gross...
  4. K

    NY: State Aims To Expand Medical Marijuana Program Next Year

    Albany – The Cuomo administration has begun interviewing additional medical marijuana growers in hopes of expanding the program in the first half of next year, Department of Health officials said Tuesday. The agency has reached out to an additional five bidders who submitted applications in...
  5. L


    newb. opening a 432, flo, 8 bub. is there a difference between badboy and quantum t5? Also, bub purchase. can i get by with 4 x 6500 and then an additional 4 x 2900, or do i need an entire supply of each? yes i meant bub. tyvm. lovliness
  6. Nutria

    Where should I place my additional CFL?

    so, this is my grow box: I have to place an additional 40w 2700° CFL... but i have no idea where to. I cant place it on the center because it would block light from the led panel. I also thought to place it in the center but "coming from the bottom", so pointed to the led panel...