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  1. K

    Earth Juice & pH issues

    Hi all I'm having PH issues with Earth Juice nutes and wondering how to address it long term so I don't end up here again. I thought when I started I would not have to PH adjust using organic nutes and soil it but its turning out not to be the case. I've made the PH adjustments for now and...
  2. Greensmurf420

    Lights and timer question for US growers

    So this weekend just brought up a great question for my grow. What to US growers do when we have to adjust the clocks back or advance forward? Do you also adjust the light timers or let them be?
  3. F

    PH adjustment

    Is it safe to adjust PH using sulfuric acid?
  4. F

    150mm RVK to a 100 filter?

    Hi there i was wondering, can i use a 150mm fan with a reducer down to an 100mm carbon filter i was going to fit a varispeed plug to the fan to adjust speed is this ok i just think a 150mm filter is overkill but a 150mm fan came cheap, is this ok to do, input welcome
  5. buddha buds

    PH run off problems! Experience needed

    Hi, i am an averagly experienced grower, in most senses i know and am confident in what im doing, but ive come across something that is slighlty holding me back. When i water/ feed my plants ( in soil) i allways adjust my water to 6.5 (and adjust after nutes), but the other day i checked my...
  6. J

    How to adjust the pH of water?

    Hi My first post on the forum great to be on a excellent site, I have a white widow plant 1 and half weeks in growth the edge of the leaves look like they are going slightly yellow. I have just been feeding it normal tap water with a P.H of 7.2 yes I know it should be 6.0-6.5 so next feed I...