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  1. F

    General organics go box and adjusting pH

    Hi! I use the Go Box and it says that adjusting the PH isnt necessary, but after mix the nutrients with my water the PH drop at 4! I found lot of contradictory informations, so im looking for a expert here! Do i have to adjust my PH while using the Go Box????? For info my tap water...
  2. S

    Help - I really need advice on tap water

    Hi I really hope someone can help I am little stuck. I am growing two CBD Crews Critical mass under a 400 HPS, the medium I am using is Canna Terra Professional Plus soil NPK — 12-14-24 Contains: peat, dolomite lime and NPK fertiliser pH level: 6.0 EC level: 1.0 These plants will be for...
  3. StickyGig

    Adjusting LEDs

    Bought my first real LED light from Mars. I've never started a seed under LED before so Ive a got a question I can't seem to find an answer for. The manufacturers recommendation is off as far as seedlings are concerned but distance isnt my question as I've managed to find the right distance by...