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  1. Ron Strider

    ME: Lawmakers Adopt New Limits, Allowances On Recreational Pot Laws

    A day after a dramatic five-hour public hearing, the legislative committee that is shaping the new marijuana market's regulations began whittling away at its draft bill Wednesday in Augusta. The committee must complete its work by Thursday evening to get the bill ready for a late-October special...
  2. Ron Strider

    Report Foresees $5B Legal Cannabis Industry for California

    As early as January 2018, California will become the latest — and by far the biggest — state to allow the sale of legal adult-use marijuana. At 39 million people, one-in-eight Americans lives in California. If separated from the United States, the Golden State has the sixth largest economy in...
  3. K

    San Diego First CA City To Approve Adult-Use Cannabis Sales At Medical Dispensaries

    San Diego California's city council unanimously voted to allow adult-use cannabis sales at the cities current 15 medical dispensaries once the voter-backed program is fully implemented, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Officials also indicated they would consider regulations later this year...