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  1. Bubbaman

    AK-47 Is The Strain

    Just coming up to week 3 of flower. Growing ak47 feminized by Sonoma seeds. Just started to feed it big bud advanced nutrients. This is my 6th grow ever so I’m new and have a lot to learn. But wanted to post some pictures and get some feed back ! Thanks
  2. Autoflowerdreams

    DWC First Grow Hydro

    Germinated on 10/12/19 planted in rapid rooter pods PH’d to 6.1-6.3 and soaked in rooting powder on 10/14/19. On 10/15 both plants popped out of the rapid rooters. Temp steady at 78 RH 80-85. The BC is not out of the seed shell but is trying hard. NCH is spreading her wings. 24/0 10/16 Both...
  3. P

    My first journal - Clones - Coco - Hydro - Advanced nutrients

    Just wanted to say hi everyone and have a blast posting a little about my latest grows. The first one is in a 1.2x1.2x2 grow tent under a 600w hps 5" extraction passive intake 3 Kings banner and 1 blz in 50ltr fabric pots using coco and advanced nutrient. The second is also kings banner (messed...
  4. A

    Suggestions on the next season

    So I've just entered week 3 of flowering with my girls in my outdoor grow and I have been using the Advanced Nutrients 3 part formula along with 2 of their additives Big bud and Voodoo juice. so my question to you knowledgeable/ experienced members is where to go from here? do I step up to one...
  5. Johnboy6006

    JohnBoy's Winter Grow 2014 - Critical Kush

    Alright everyone I've been growing my mothers out for a couple weeks from seeds running into a few problems but hopefully I'll get that fixed shortly. Strain - Critical Kush Medium - 75% coco 25% perilite Light - 600w Hid setup with cool tube reflector. Space - 3x3x4 homemade box Here...
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