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advance nutrient

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    Everyone say hi to chemdawg auto indoor growing advanced nutrients ph perfect
  2. Kingjoe83

    Looking for tips and info on my Early Miss auto strain from Crop King Seeds

    So I am just wondering if anyone out there has grown this beautiful plant? I have an outdoor grow journal but no one seems to answer my question about when to expect stretch does she love cal mag anything. I want to push her to the max using an nutes ph perfect and boosters. all an products...
  3. V

    Advance Nutrient Help!

    I'm a newbie and this will be my first time growing outdoor.. Will this be any good as I'm confuse with adding amount of AN per gallon.. Been doing tons of research and will be picking these up soon at my local hydro store.. Vegetating stage Sensei grow a-b mix half and half per gallon...