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  1. S

    AN pH Perfect

    Can someone tell me me f the ph perfect grow, micro, and bloom line from AN are organic? Thanks in advance.
  2. F

    Mixed nutes for soil grow

    I was wondering if there is a problem mixing nutes and ph water a day or two in advance of feeding?Thanks for your time in advance
  3. D

    Pollinated female?

    Hi guys. Are these trichome balls seeds? Is my plant pollinated? Should I worry about it? Thanks in advance!
  4. ilikemsticky

    Sticky's bud pics

    ok hello, im going to try my first post with photos of my current grow we will see how this goes lol if it goes rite i will have some gorilla glue &ice thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions :thanks:
  5. R

    Auto Pounder! First time grower! Advice welcome!

    How do I post my pics? I have taken them every week! This is my first grow all advice welcome!
  6. 4

    Hello from Michigan

    New to the group 420pfunk is my name growing is my game. Lol thanks in advance
  7. I

    Heating question

    Hi guys,im intrested to know what you use for heating in a grow tent,im looking for something economical,thanks in advance
  8. T

    Help please - Maybe N tox?

    Can somebody diagnose please, end of 2nd week veg, 6.7 ph, 26 degrees It was previoisly 5.8 ph as i started with 0.8 nuts. Thanks in advance
  9. N

    Deleting photos

    hey everybody. I posted some general pics in the members gallery.MY BAD. how can I delete them? Or can you delete them? thanks in advance..
  10. D

    Yellow upturned leaves - What is my problem please?

    new grower, have up turned yellowing leaves thanks in advance
  11. Tris420

    Nutrient Burn? Pics Included

    Hey 420 Friends ... Is this Nute Burn ? Or is it something else ? Thanks in Advance !
  12. G

    Help! Whats going on with my girls?

    Can someone please help me figure this out? Sorry for the shitty pics in advance.
  13. M

    New grower in need of advice

    Thankyou all in advance
  14. P

    Cannabis leaf problem

    It's week 4 flowering water ph is 6.5 i think it's p-k problem thanks in advance.
  15. P

    Is my soil ok?

    Is my soil ok thanks in advance.
  16. Tris420

    El Fuego Auto DNA

    Hey Guys im Looking for Pictures of a El Fuego Autoflower grow ... maybe a few pics in all stages would be perfect but i can bareley find any Picutres of this Strain ! Growing it right now thats why Iam interested ! Thanks in advance !
  17. H

    Hi and thanks in advance!

    Hobopr0 here....long time toker..first time grower. What a great community with fantastic info here. I'll probably have a ton of questions so for real..thanks in advance for sure! Looking fwd to the next few months and onward u knowwwww!
  18. Tris420

    Hanging Distance 6x23Watt CFL 6400K

    Hey 420 Friends ! I guess the Title says it all :) Whats the Hanging Distance for CFLs in my Veg Room ? Thanks in advance !!